Gender Reveal Balloons He or She Confetti Blue Pink

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Gender Reveal Balloons Blue Pink Confetti Tail tassel. 36 inch balloons. Giant black balloons.

He or She? What Will baby be balloons. gender reveal balloons!

Gender Reveal Balloon Pop To See Video

These Gender Reveal balloons will help you share your news!

Create an exciting and memorable POP at your gender reveal party! Our 36 inch black balloon filled with confetti will make your baby's gender announcement something to remember!

Package Includes:

Please select from drop down boxes, if needed balloon, confetti and tail.

The shape and color needed.


Any other balloons or decorations, not included in the sale.

Balloon Size 36 in diameter in oval shape, black color.
Suitable for both air and helium. With air only the balloon will not float.

Confetti size 25 mm.

XL Confetti 55 mm.

Ribbon included in the sale.

• Helpful Tip: When inflating with helium ensure you grasp the balloon around the helium valve to prevent helium escaping


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