Script Balloons Party It's Baby Birthday Love

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Script Rose Love Party Birthday It's A Baby - Bring the WOW Factor to your event. Free Postage!!!

This listing is for one foil balloon of your chosen design

The balloon is designed to be air filled only, even fillet with helium will not float.

Love Scrip Size 42" / 108 cm x 25" / 63 cm

Boy is in blue color even if you select gold or silver.

Girl is in Pink color even if you select gold or silver.

Other Balloons Designs Please have a look on photo for sizes.

Balloons are reusable and re-inflatable!! (They cannot be deflated, but you can add air as needed to get multiple uses!)
The balloons are self sealing, no straw is included in the sale.

-It comes flat packed, has creases, but when inflated will disappear.

P.S. Foil balloons are manufactured with a valve up inside the tail at the bottom of the balloon. The valve has to be opened to inflate or deflate the balloon. The valve is a few inches up the stem of the balloon which makes it hard to blow up the balloon by mouth. To open the valve gently push a drinking straw up the stem until you feel resistance, that's the valve. Push slightly passed the valve to establish an airway. Use your fingers to seal the balloon around the straw. You can then inflate the balloon by blowing into the end of the straw. If you have a hand operated balloon air pump, a bicycle pump or a foot pump you don't need to use a straw. Just insert the nozzle into the stem and again seal the balloon around it with your fingers. The pressure from an air pump will automatically open the valve as you inflate it.