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30 Burlap Rustic Country Weddings Cakes

The Wedding Cake is one of the most fun and yummy wedding details to plan and if you are planning a Rustic Weddinf or a Country Wedding you might want to think about having a Burlap / Hessian inspired cake. In this post we have rounded up 30 creative wedding cakes ideas.

Decorate Your Vintage Wedding With Well-Suited Useless Ladders

Ladders are one of popular and cost effective ways to consider for a special and unique vintage wedding décor. You can use a ladder as a backdrop for your photo shoot, as a stylish desserts display or even make an gorgeous arch from it!



Obtain a party balloon. Something inexpensive, colorful, and heavy is easiest, but oblong or theme-shaped balloons may also be a nice touch, depending on what you're blowing up the balloons for.



Top 25 Perfect Wedding Cake Topper Ideas

Brides and grooms always want to express their love, sweet and happiness on their wedding day with their creativeness, and now the expression has already extended to wedding cake toppers. A great cake topper will make your wedding cake integrate with the wedding them in one step. And here are top 25 perfect wedding cake topper ideas to inspire you. Just maybe you could find the one style you like!

DIY Message Stone Favors

You may have heard of wishing stones, but have you heard of message stones?

Message stones are painted stones with words or sayings on them:

Wedding Ideas Decor

It's Monday, so what, Have a Good Morning and a lovely start of the week!

Discover an endless collection of stunning wedding décor ideas.  Dress your party to the hilt!  

Creative Ways to Collect Cards at Your Wedding


Once you’ve got your non-traditional guest book and escort cards, ready to go, a creative card box is next up on your list of wedding-reception musts. More than just a simple spot to gather guests’ well-wishes, a card box is a lovely decor piece and one of the first things friends will see when they arrive. If you like to think outside the box (and we know you do), these ideas are sure to kickstart your imagination and help you collect all of those special cards in style.


Romantic Valentine Engagement

"Not having an engagement shoot is one of our only regrets regarding our wedding. I was busy moving to where my then fiance lived, we were both busy planning the wedding, and it just didn’t feel like something we needed. I couldn’t have been more wrong!" If you don't want to have my regrets, is not to late to get ready for that Special Day.

So here it is a photo shoot from a real engagement party. They choose Valentine's as it has beautiful red sexy colors and lots of passion in it. But this can be done in any day of the year.

 valentine gifts

DIY Tears of Happiness Tissues Favors

We recently discovered an adorable line of scented tissues from Renova, a Portugese paper product company that just expanded their goods around the world. Mango Milkshake, Spearmint Gum and Fresh Lavender are just a few of the fun scents offered. Since we are WAY obsessed with just about anything lavender, we used the purple and white Fresh Lavender tissues for our Happy Tears project.


Tips on creating your own Wedding Dessert Table

Tips on creating your own Wedding Dessert Table:

– What table will you choose? Are you having a vintage style wedding – do you have an antique dresser or table that could be used? An exposed trestle table can actually look quite chic, otherwise find some lovely linen to dress your table.

– Adding flowers to your dessert table adds another dimension to your table. It is the one thing that is quite tricky to achieve on your own – so speak to your Florist to see if they can arrange something for you and that will of course match your wedding flowers.

– The beauty of a rustic themed is that you can easily add in props and crockery to try and create a uniformed look. Make sure you add in height, perhaps add in large vases with flowers in the middle or feature your wedding cake in the centre to add height and drama.