Today’s real weddings are pretty different to the kind of celebrations we normally used to see.

If you’re not already an Etsy addict, you’re about to be (and I’m not even sorry!).  Etsy is an online marketplace for artisans, crafters and DIY suppliers to sell their wares, and it’s brimming with gorgeous buys for your wedding day. I’ve been a fan of Etsy for gift and craft supply shopping for years now, so it was pretty inevitable that it would be a go-to for wedding ideas

You can choose to shop locally (I love ordering from Etsy’s UK sellers for faster shipping and no added tax!), and know that you’re using some of your wedding budget to support small businesses and local artisans. But what I love most about using Etsy for our wedding (aside from the awesome products and offbeat ideas) is that it’s so easy to order unique, bespoke, creative touches for your wedding, without lots of time spent waiting on quotes, confirming orders, or viewing samples.

With reviews right there, customisable options available, and an easy way to contact vendors with your questions, it’s so straight forward. And if you’re anything like me (with an unending wedding to-do list), you’ll know that there’s nothing more satisfying than putting a giant red tick on your list.

So, if you’d like to press on with some wedding details (and have them ordered before you finish your lunch break!), we’ve put together a list of 10 of our favourite wedding products from Etsy that will add serious style to your day.

1. Pretty Pom Poms and Tissue Garlands

Wedding Inspirations for Brides To Be


Pomegranate and Gold

Easy DIY Photo Booth Poster

Here’s the super easy How To for the photo booth poster.

The Biggest Wedding Trends in 2016 According to Wedding Planners

What's hot (and what's not) in the wide world of weddings this year? We turned to the people that basically live and breathe the industry day in, day out to find out! Here are the Wedding Trends you'll definitely be seeing a whole lot more of in 2016, courtesy of the best darn planners in the business. Which, if any, will you be copying for your big day?

All Bright Everything
Bye-bye blush, hello color! This year, the wedding planners predict there will be an even bigger shift from the popular neutral blush palette to bold, rich hues. "Think in really bright colors incorporated into florals with a more organic feel and hand-tied bouquets with hot pink, yellow and warm oranges that seriously stand out!"

Wedding Reception Decor - Suspended Greenery Installations

Hanging and suspended wedding decorations are all the rage these days and for good reason — what's more magical than dining and dancing beneath a beautiful botanical canopy? Here are some of our favorite ways to incorporate a suspended installation into your reception using lush garlands and branches of greenery.

Wedding Candle Lanterns, Jars, Lights

Many people have their wedding reception outdoors and not sure why, but i do have a soft spot for this rustic candle lanterns. Wedding light is an important part of a wedding ceremony. Various lighting ideas can be used to create the right ambience for the ceremony. Here are some great example include the lanterns, candle lighting, jars, for the day and night decorations.


Black and White, or Colorful?

Today i dressed up in black drees. Have been asked why all in black. Well I woke up in black mood, so decided to be dressed in black. After a coffee, the black color became not so black, it started to get some colors.


Elegant Glam Shabby Chic Wedding - Decor and Ideas for You

Wedding trends come and go, driven by many cultural influences, but few are as enduring and romantic as shabby chic/shabby glam. With its perfect combination of elegance and softness, bright sparkles and gentle hues, a shabby chic wedding complements the individuality and beauty of brides of every age and walk of life.

Bridal shower ideas

A bridal shower party is always fun. The bridal shower ideas below will hint you on the spot and the relevant decor.

Organizing a bridal shower requires some careful planning. One of the elements is the decoration, of course. Fresh flowers, colorful paper lanterns, candlesticks, lanterns – the decoration should express the festivity of the occasion and the personality and style of the bride-to-be. 

Burlap Cutlery Holders Rustic Hessian Wedding

This week we started to add a new range of burlap cutlery holders. We have pulled together some of the ideas for weddings using hessian and burlap cutlery holders, and more to come. Burlap and hessian wedding decorations are perfect for rustic barn, woodland and tipi style weddings. Mixing hessian with luxe wedding décor is a fab way to create a rustic glamour style too.

If you are inspired by our hessian wedding ideas you may also like to browse our Collection of Hessian Wedding Table Decorations as well as Hessian Invitations & Ring Bearer Pillow and many more.


Here are some of the cutlery holders.