Wedding Flower Ideas Your Guests Never Seen Before

Impress your guests by incorporating some unexpected wedding flowers and floral details they've never seen before at any other wedding. These creative and surprising floral touches are sure to make a memorable impression.

Wedding Ideas - Bride and Groom Chair Decorations


Whether you're planning to sit at a sweetheart table or amongst your bridesmaids and groomsmen, statement-making chair backs are a must-have for your reception seats.


Favors That Will Dazzle Your Guests

Wedding favors have been a tradition for centuries. They appeared in France and Italy at the weddings of aristocrats and initially were small boxes filled with fine confectionery. Back at that time the small gifts were five candies or almonds, which represented wealth, longevity, fertility, happiness, and fertility.

Wedding favors come in all shapes and sizes – from heartfelt to scrumptious, savory to sentimental and eco-friendly too. These gifts are a true reflection of the Mr. and Mrs. tying the knot and such a sweet way to say Thank You for celebrating. 

These small gifts can be anything and usually are connected with the theme of the wedding decor. We have collected lovely wedding favors ideas which will add a special charm to your reception and will be a perfect gift for your friends and family. Get Inspired!!!

DIY Fringe Cake Backdrop

This could work perfectly as a cake backdrop, but can be used for so many fun display ideas for your wedding. We’re envisioning a fabulous photo booth or a backdrop for the head table.  And it gets extra special bonus points for being really easy to make. 

What you need:

Tissue Paper

Lavender Wedding Bouquets, Favors And Centerpieces Ideas For 2016

Lavender always reminds me of a bright spring morning with warm sunshine and soft wind. Lavender, as a plant, is a great element for a rustic country wedding as bouquets, favors, centerpieces… let alone it also can bring Provence to your garden or backyard. Here I will share some of the ideas for bouquets (bride and bridemades), favors for your dear guests, centerpieces for a beautiful decor.


25 Stunning Spring Wedding Centerpieces Ideas


Spring is time when everything is in blossom and it’s an ideal season to fall in love! If your wedding is in spring, you’ll have an amazing atmosphere and you can just add some details to highlight the look. Actually, no matter about seasons, fresh flowers are always the major element of wedding centerpiece decorations. In spring, flowers like tulip, orchid, daffodil all in bloom that makes you easily get the raw materials. Usually matched with mason jars, bottles and candles, wedding centerpieces can really highlight your big day!

30 Burlap Rustic Country Weddings Cakes

The Wedding Cake is one of the most fun and yummy wedding details to plan and if you are planning a Rustic Weddinf or a Country Wedding you might want to think about having a Burlap / Hessian inspired cake. In this post we have rounded up 30 creative wedding cakes ideas.

Decorate Your Vintage Wedding With Well-Suited Useless Ladders

Ladders are one of popular and cost effective ways to consider for a special and unique vintage wedding décor. You can use a ladder as a backdrop for your photo shoot, as a stylish desserts display or even make an gorgeous arch from it!



Obtain a party balloon. Something inexpensive, colorful, and heavy is easiest, but oblong or theme-shaped balloons may also be a nice touch, depending on what you're blowing up the balloons for.



Top 25 Perfect Wedding Cake Topper Ideas

Brides and grooms always want to express their love, sweet and happiness on their wedding day with their creativeness, and now the expression has already extended to wedding cake toppers. A great cake topper will make your wedding cake integrate with the wedding them in one step. And here are top 25 perfect wedding cake topper ideas to inspire you. Just maybe you could find the one style you like!